Introducing the Guzzie + Guss G+G 052 Lynx Stroller from Canada!

The Lynx is sleek, modern beauty mixed with incredible ease of use for a product sure to please.  Available in four eye-catching colors, the Lynx can be used from birth to preschool with a weight limit of 50 pounds and multiple convenient features. First, the newborn nest provides a snug place for your baby to […]

Messy Baby Photo Contest

Bella Vie Babies love getting messy in their Nuna Zaaz. How messy does your baby get? Enter to win the Nuna Zaaz , The one and only chair that grows with your child. Post a picture on our Facebook page of your little one at their messiest for a chance to win a Nuna Zaaz […]

Nuna Sena Review

Welcome to the US the new Nuna Sena.  This travel cot gives new meaning to the words functionality and ease with its unique design allowing for a one hand open-close motion even while still in bassinet form. The four poles included with the Sena are used in the bassinet as a base, allowing for more support to […]

Review: The Nuna Zaaz

  The Nuna Zaaz is not your average highchair, it is not a bulky plastic tall highchair that doesn’t fit under or anywhere close to the table.  Nuna has mastered the dual purposing of this sleek designer chair and finally giving your baby a “place” at the table. The Zaaz will accommodate your little one […]

Get into the Swing of Things: The Nuna Leaf

Nuna, a European based company new to the US, has brought us simple, elegant and chic designed gear! Meant to replicate the float of a leaf in the breeze the Nuna Leaf peacefully sways your little one from side to side using kinetic motion rather than bouncing or rocking.  This means no noisy motor or […]

New Gear in the New Year

13 Releases to look for in 2013 (in no particular order) 1. Woombie Organic Air Wrap This breathable blanket can be used as a tradition swaddle or put over a stroller to protect from the elements.  The venting system keeps your baby cooler and reduces the risk of overheating.   Currently available at a package […]

Rest Easier with The Snuza Hero

The Snuza Hero is a portable movement monitor, can be worn anytime, and is so simple to use! It easily clips onto a baby’s diaper or cloth diaper as well and monitors the number of baby’s movements per minute. You can carry baby around the house or even swaddle baby at bedtime with it on. […]

Cybex Aton Review

The Cybex Aton is a compact infant seat that is for babies between 4 and 32 pounds and less than 30 inches tall.  It is designed to fit in small back seats and features a base with a steel chassis and a tensioning plate that helps achieve solid installation with little effort.  The infant carrier […]

Babywearing, a guest post by Megan Oberg

Babywearing: Benefits and a Brief History While many believe that the current babywearing trend is a recent fad, it is actually a practice that has been around for thousands of years. Anthropologists claim that babywearing, in some shape or form, has been around as long as humans have. In the beginning, it was done with […]

ABC Expo Recap Part 1

There were many exciting new products featured at the ABC Kids Expo this year.  The Expo left us exhausted.  Here are some of the products we have our eyes on: The Snuza Mobile Baby Monitor: The Snuza is a movement monitor that clips to baby’s diaper.  If there is no movement within a set period […]