Tips for Safe Babywearing

  1. When wearing a very young baby make sure they are worn high up enough that you can lower your head and easily kiss the top of her head.  Having baby higher up on your body keeps her chin off of her chest keeping her airway open.  You will be more in tune to […]

ERGObaby Review

The ERGObaby is a soft structured baby carrier that comes in a variety of models in gorgeous colors and prints and is used for front, back and hip carries. The ERGObaby supports the child by providing a wide seat that provides leg support to the backs of the knees, something that is important to safe […]

Happy International Babywearing Week

Today is the first day of International Babywearing Week. Babywearing has been practiced by caregivers for centuries. There are countless benefits of keeping your baby close to your body with your hands free. We are celebrating with some baby carrier reviews this week.