I’coo Panama

I’coo has once again made traditionally clunky, and strictly functionable baby gear fashionable and gorgeous with their travel yard, the Panama.


The Panama is a modern, portable travel yard that accommodates baby from birth to 30 pounds.


While travel yards are ideally quick to set up, the Panama initially requires a wee bit more time. The instructions are all pictures and take a second look to decipher. Once I had set it up a couple of times, I had it down though and it was totally worth the learning curve!


Once assembled I was taken back at how pretty this functionable piece of gear is! While the plastic appears a little on the inexpensive side, it doesn’t take away from the rest of the Panama which screams, “I’m a baby who sleeps and plays in style.” The Panama is GREAT size too! I’ve never seen a European travel yard before and couldn’t believe how much more practical its size is for a toddler. While my 2.5 year old looks cramped in his square bed, the Panama offers him room to grow. Oh, and I have to add it will actually fit through a doorway while set up and even better, it is compact enough to fit in a small bathroom so baby can play while you shower. Huge bonus.


Parents will appreciate the security, and stability of the Panama. The bassinet actually zips into the yard and connects with a child proof buckle that is then covered by a Velcro flap of fabric. No need to worry about an older sibling flipping the cups off that hold the bassinet together with this yard; it is in there until you are ready to take it out.


The bassinet holds baby from birth to 20 pounds. While most bassinets are shallow and outgrown before the weight limit is reached, I absolutely loved that my 12 month old could safely use it without climbing out. Despite her being right at the weight limit at almost 19 pounds, it didn’t look like the bassinet was stressing to support her either. Thanks I’coo for not making me drop my baby down into the dark abyss!


Baby and parents alike will enjoy the changing table and accessory hanger for diaper duty. The changer holds baby up to 20 pounds, and is large and stable. The accessory hanger will hold everything you need for baby within arms reach.


The sweet mobile plays music as three super soft little bears dance above baby. The bears are also easily removable so that baby can play with their new friends.


The I’coo Panama is available in black , and sand, and retails for around $200.