Rest Easier with The Snuza Hero

Snuza HeroThe Snuza Hero is a portable movement monitor, can be worn anytime, and is so simple to use! It easily clips onto a baby’s diaper or cloth diaper as well and monitors the number of baby’s movements per minute. You can carry baby around the house or even swaddle baby at bedtime with it on. Hero alerts you if movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 per minute.  If no movement is detected within 15 seconds Hero vibrates gently to rouse the baby.  If no movement is detected for an additional 5 seconds an audible alarm is sounded to alert you.  The vibration feature is what sets it apart from the Snuza Go! This handy little gadget uses a 3.6 volt replaceable battery and can be passed on or used on the next baby!

After using the Snuza Hero for a few weeks and no false alarms I was resting easy!Other movement monitors tend to have false alarms due to ceiling fans or air vents. This unit stayed in place through the entire night and being so compact it posed no discomfort to my little one.  The purple sensor tip is flexible and made from a very soft and pliable material. The Hero retails for approximately $120.00 and comes with a handy travel case! I would highly recommend the Snuza Hero for any parent wanting to monitor their baby’s movements especially for apnea or reflux babies! I know it gives us peace of mind each night when we tuck our little one in!