Review: The Nuna Zaaz


The Nuna Zaaz


Harness     Key Fits in SlotKey Fits in SlotStrap Easily ReleasesStraps Easily Release


The Nuna Zaaz is not your average highchair, it is not a bulky plastic tall highchair that doesn’t fit under or anywhere close to the table.  Nuna has mastered the dual purposing of this sleek designer chair and finally giving your baby a “place” at the table. The Zaaz will accommodate your little one from 6 months to upwards of 200 pounds!  With the tray removed you can slide your little one right under the table and next to you.


Footrest Lever Adjusts Height

Footrest Lever Adjusts Height

The breakaway harness can be converted from a 5pt to a 3pt by use of the “key” provided on the underside of the chair. Just slip the “key” in the slot and out pops the harness straps for easy conversion or cleaning! Once the toddler barrier has been outgrown it too is easily removed to convert into a junior chair. The height is adjustable by a lever behind the footrest, this chair truly grows with your child! The beauty of this simple and modern design lies not only in its looks alone but the fact that it is so easy to clean! The tray, toddler barrier and foot rest are all easily removed and dishwasher safe.  The air foam padding has no nooks, crannies or creases for food to get stuck in, just simply wipes clean.  The only place I found to possibly get food is where the harness attaches to the foam padding in between the legs, however it too is removable and easy to get clean!

I see a trend with this product…adjustable…removable…convertible…versatile…and easily cleaned! Bella Vie loves this chair that can accommodate bubbies of all sizes! We dare you to get messy in the Zaaz and challenge you to get the Zaaz Messy!



Watch how easy it is for this mom to go from baby to big kid using the Nuna Zaaz

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Little Bubby

Little Bubby

Hey That's MY Chair!

Hey That’s MY Chair!

Big Bubby

Big Bubby


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