Nuna Sena Review

Nuna Sena

Nuna Sena

Welcome to the US the new Nuna Sena.  This travel cot gives new meaning to the words functionality and ease with its unique design allowing for a one hand open-close motion even while still in bassinet form.

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The four poles included with the Sena are used in the bassinet as a base, allowing for more support to your child.

From newborn in the bassinet form (up to 15Lbs ) to toddler in the playpen mode, this will fit all of your families needs from birth to 3 years.

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With a Height of 30.7in Width of 41.3in and Depth of 29.5in with a total weight of 25.4Lbs., the Sena’s price point is at $199.

For those of you with limited space, the Sena also comes in a Mini. Holding your child up to 18 months, it is 26.4in high X 34.7in wide X 24.8in deep with a total weight of 19.6Lbs. going for a price of $149.

The Nuna Sena and all other Nuna products can be purchased locally at Baby’s and Kids 1ts Furniture or visit Nuna directly @