i’coo Photon


The Photon is the newest all-in-one stroller from the German company, i’coo. Not only is i’coo fun to say, they have some pretty fun products too! The Photon can be used from baby’s first outing in the bassinet mode, and then easily converts to a seated stroller to grow with baby up to 45 pounds. It can even be used as a high chair with its height adjustable seat! All. In. One.


The Photon was fairly easy to assemble, although the instructions are a bit tricky. The manual is almost all pictures, so know it may take a little patience, but you will be happy with the end result.


The Photon starts off as a stylish and modern pram complete with removable boot cover and supportive pad. Under the protection of the Photon’s oversized canopy baby will be ready to meet their new world.


Once baby gets a bit bigger the Photon transitions from a pram to a seated stroller by merely removing the bassinet pad, and attaching four different d-rings within the seat and footrest. Baby has the option to face their parent or take in the surroundings facing forward with the easily reversible seat.


The harness is sure to please all because it has the option of being a three point or five point harness without having to puzzle the pieces together! There are also two different harness height positions for baby to grow with, and all harness straps are length adjustable ensuring a perfect fit. A couple other neat features within the seat are the buckle cover and the bumper bar. The padded buckle cover velcros over the buckle helping to prevent any pinching and can also deter the adventurous toddler from unbuckling themselves. Baby will like the height adjustable bumper bar (no more oddly positioned bar!), and Mommy the removable, easy to clean cover zipped around it.


If baby gets sleepy mid stroll or just wants to kick back and relax, it’s all good. The Photon has three different recline positions, upright, half way back, and flat, and smoothly adjusts with one hand. The adjustable footrest offers support of baby’s legs regardless of the seat’s position.


By far the most head turning, and coolest feature of the Photon is the elevated seat. Lift the levers on each side of the frame, raise the seat up to table height, release, and smile knowing you have an instant high chair wherever you go! The height adjustable handle bar of the stroller can even adjust all the way down preventing it from blocking the aisle while you dine.


Although the canopy doesn’t have a peek a boo window, it is huge! Like, someone stopped me walking into the store on a windy day and asked if I really had a baby in the stroller because they couldn’t see her huge.


The basket of the Photon may look like nothing, but it held my large diaper bag with room to spare (which is no small feat), and is accessible from all sides even when the seat is laying flat.


The Photon has an easy to use, one step brake. The rear wheels are large providing a sturdy and smooth ride for baby, and the front wheels can be locked into place when an adventure off the smooth pavement calls.


To fold the Photon, simply lift a lever on each side of the frame, collapse it over, and lock the frame closed. Now, while the fold may be easy, it is not very compact so be sure to check its fit in your vehicle… as should be done when purchasing any stroller.


I’coo gives a lot of bang for your buck by including a footmuff, cup holder, univeral car seat adaptor, and raincover with the Photon. Thanks i’coo!


The i’coo Photon is available in the colors red, sand, and black, and retails for $499.99.



  1. thank you for posting the video. We bought the stroller and love it however cannot find out how to properly converted to bassinet mode. There is a rectangular piece of plastic that appears to go in underneath the bassinet but it does not have holes for the harness to fit through. Can you please help us with this?also well it is in bassinet know there is a metal bar that goes across the bottom and just seems to hang down purposeless. Do you know what this is for instructions for this portion I’m not there and unclear. Thanks again.

  2. Jennifer says

    Hey! Thank you for doing the review video! I am having some issues figuring out how to convert it into bassinet mode? There is a fairly ridged piece of material that comes with the stroller that according to the instructions you slip it into the back of the seat padding. It goes in fine, but once its in you cannot fit the straps back into it because the ridged material does not have holes to allow the harness straps through? I am really hoping you can help me with this as there are no other videos or information on the stroller out there! Thank you!

  3. I can’t find the height limit capacity listed in the i’coo Photon specs. I looked at a friend’s i’coo Pacific, and it seemed short. I want to buy the Photon but I want to make sure it lasts for my (potentially) tall toddlers.
    Thanks for your review!