Rest Easier with The Snuza Hero

The Snuza Hero is a portable movement monitor, can be worn anytime, and is so simple to use! It easily clips onto a baby’s diaper or cloth diaper as well and monitors the number of baby’s movements per minute. You can carry baby around the house or even swaddle baby at bedtime with it on. […]

Cybex Aton Review

The Cybex Aton is a compact infant seat that is for babies between 4 and 32 pounds and less than 30 inches tall.  It is designed to fit in small back seats and features a base with a steel chassis and a tensioning plate that helps achieve solid installation with little effort.  The infant carrier […]

Maxi Cosi Pria Review

The Pria is Maxi Cosi‘s convertible car seat.  It is suitable for children between 4 and 40 pounds and up to 40 inches in the rear facing position and for children 22 to 70 pounds and between 34 and 70 pounds, at least one year old, and between 34 and 52 inches tall in the […]

Combi Shuttle Review and Giveaway

The Combi Shuttle has replaced the Shuttle 33.  It is compatible with Combi Strollers as part of their Create a Travel System line.  It is available in four fashions, Hamilton, Graphite, Flagstone, and Cranberry.  The Shuttle can be used from birth, there is no lower weight limit given. The features of the Shuttle include: Tru-Safe® Anti-Rebound […]

Combi Coccoro Review and Giveaway

At Bella Vie we have lots of love for the Combi Coccoro.  It’s hard not to love such a cute little car seat but we don’t base it on looks alone.  At 15.5 inches wide it can help make some of the most challenging three across situations possible.  It’s suitable for even teeny tiny babies […]

Clek Foonf Mini Review

Bella Vie had the privilege of meeting with Chris from Clek and learning all about the Foonf.  I have been excited about this seat for quite some time, but “meeting” it in person has put my excitement over the top.  It appeals to not only the baby gear junkie in me but the CPST and child passenger […]

Tips for Safe Babywearing

  1. When wearing a very young baby make sure they are worn high up enough that you can lower your head and easily kiss the top of her head.  Having baby higher up on your body keeps her chin off of her chest keeping her airway open.  You will be more in tune to […]

Car Seat Basics

Car accidents are the number one cause of death and serious injury to children in the United States.  There are many things that parents and caregivers can do to reduce the risk: 1. Buckle up. – Every rider on every ride must be restrained.  An unrestrained passenger is a danger to all other passengers in […]