Review: Nuna Pipa


 Mix up safety, style, comfort, and ease of use, and you have the Nuna Pipa. This sleek new guy on the block demands attention without asking for it. After using the Pipa for a couple of months, I can honestly say this is a bomb diggity car seat. Yup, I said it!


After purchasing a car seat, reading the manual is the next step after taking the seat out of the box. The Pipa’s manual clearly lays out everything you need to know about your new investment from preparing the seat for baby, to the inevitable cleaning instructions.


Preparing the seat for baby

Now that you have read the manual, it is time to introduce baby to their new ride! The Pipa is rated for babies from 4 to 32 pounds and up to 32 inches tall.  We adjusted the seat for and secured an 8 month old, and 13 month old in the Pipa, and both fit comfortably thanks to the roomy seat. It seriously took only a minute to rethread the harness for each kiddo. It is difficult to find a carrier that can properly fit a preemie born at 34 weeks, but the Pipa has this 4 pound 7 ounce little guy covered with its plush infant insert!

IMG_6903 IMG_2822 IMG_2217

 Installing in vehicle

The Pipa can be installed using LATCH, the vehicle’s seatbelt, or even baseless. The rigid LATCH installation is so quick and easy if you blink you’ll miss it! Simply flip the connectors out, pop them onto the lower anchors, and when the indicators on the LATCH turn green, you’re good to go. Lower the stability leg until its indicator also turns green, and that is the True Lock installation in action! You’re ready to drive into the sunset with your little one. Installing the Pipa with a seatbelt is also incredibly easy thanks to its built in lock off, and I love the security of the European belt routing when using the Pipa baseless.


Nuna has also included handy rigid LATCH guides for vehicles with hard to reach lower anchors. They are usually not needed, but if you have ever wasted time fishing around to find a buried seat anchor you know how awesome these guides are.

Safety Features

The Pipa will make a parent confident in their child’s safety, and even made this CPST a little giddy with its safety features. One of the first things you will notice about the Pipa is its ‘extra piece’, the stability leg. The Pipa is one of only two bases in the USA that offers this feature. The leg reduces forward rotation in an accident by up to 90%, lessening head injury. That’s huge! If you choose not to use the leg it can be conveniently stored within the base.


 The European routing used when installing the carrier baseless also reduces the amount of forward movement. The seat is made of super resilient, top of the line plastics, and the upper portion of the seat is covered with energy absorbing foam. Add in side impact protection, and the fact the cover is Okeo Tex certified against harmful substances and… oh, my!


Convenience Features

By far the most convenient part of an infant seat is that the carrier can be removed from the base. It’s not always easy when the weight of a growing baby is added, but the Pipa makes toting baby around in the carrier effortless because it only weighs 7 pounds! I could easily carry my 10 month old around with the aluminum agronomical handle, and would have to say this is the most comfortable car seat I’ve toted an older baby around in. My preschooler can even pick it up!



The carrier cover is made of sleek and comfy, Okeo Tex certified, temperature-regulating fabric, and easily removes for cleaning. The memory foam in the seat back ensure baby is comfortable on long trips, and then there is the canopy. Oh, how I love the Pipa’s canopy! There is a flip out sun shade, and a vented top window for air flow, but what separates this canopy from the rest is the revolutionary Dream Drape. Un-zip the top of the canopy, pull out the drape, secure it to the carrier with its hidden magnets, and now baby has extra protection from the elements, or just a little privacy to finish that on the go nap. Although an older infant can easily detach the drape for an impromptu game of peek a boo, the Dream Drape is a much needed substitution to the pesky blanket that won’t stay draped over the carrier.


Customer service

Nuna’s customer service is a-mazing! It’s obvious that not only do they care about their product, but they also care about their customers.


Travel system

The Pipa works with Nuna and Maxi-Cosi adapters, transforming into a travel system with over 20 different strollers. It is a perfect fit with Nuna’s Pep!


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