Get into the Swing of Things: The Nuna Leaf

IMG_3050Nuna, a European based company new to the US, has brought us simple, elegant and chic designed gear! Meant to replicate the float of a leaf in the breeze the Nuna Leaf peacefully sways your little one from side to side using kinetic motion rather than bouncing or rocking.  This means no noisy motor or buzzing and no wires or cords to
trip over! This unique designed chair has been weight tested to 130 pounds, therefore can support our little Bella Vie Bubby and his Nanny too!



The leaf can lock in place by the flip of a lever if motionis not wanted and detaches quickly and easily from the base for storage weighing only 10.5 pounds.  Who would want or need to store this beautiful, grow with your child swing? Why not leave it out on display for children of all ages to enjoy? That’s right, you wont be retiring this one after 6 months like most bouncers or swings.


IMG_0459While aesthetics and functionality are important so is the durability and quality of the materials it is made from. Nuna has made the Leaf from fabrics with a skin friendly pH and free of harmful substances and pesticides, these materials comply with both organic and safety standards. The Leaf insert is an organic cotton that is washable and a mesh back makes the seat breathable as well.  Currently available locally at Baby’s and Kids 1st Furniture, The Leaf comes in three color options of Twilight, Navy and Bisque, retailing for $219.00. So get into the swing of things and keep your eye out for more exciting new products from Nuna!