Stokke Scoot


The Stokke Scoot is a compact, urban stroller for kiddos from birth to 33 pounds. Did I mention it is sleek, trendy and downright eye catching?


Starting at the top, the Scoot has a very comfortable, padded handle bar that telescopes for height adjustability. As a tall person, it isn’t always easy to find a comfortable stroller height, but Stokke solved that problem. This Cinderella found her perfect fit with the Scoot!

The large canopy has baby protected from the elements- including heat! 30% of the canopy unzips to reveal a mesh panel for excellent ventilation and air flow. The panel also doubles as a peek-a-boo window for parents.


The seat is not only sleek, and modern, but ergonomical, and padded. It’s a win-win!  It features a five point harness with large, plush shoulder pads. While I love the three harness height positions, the back cover of the seat has to be lifted to adjust them so it does take a couple minutes to do so. Overall, the seat is made with high quality craftsmanship resulting in smooth edges, finished seams, and vibrant colors.


The Scoot has a reversible seat that is lightweight and features a seat position safety indicator to let parents know it is secure on the frame. One feature I adore is the higher seat height. The Scoot’s seat is about 3-4 inches higher than the average stroller, bringing baby closer for bonding. It also makes a great highchair for on the go!


There are two seat recline positions for baby: active (all the way up), or rest (3/4 of the way down). To lower the seat into the rest position, simply unbuckle the back of the seat and it will fold out. Very easy to do, however, it can be tricky to fold back up with the weight of a heavier child.


The footrest is adjustable providing support for dangling legs and a step for toddlers to securely to climb aboard independently.


There is plenty of room for everything you need for a day out with baby in the easily accessible basket.


The Scoot has four foam tires and front wheel suspension making it not only incredibly easy to push, but a very smooth ride for the lil one. Even with a sleeping 2.5 year old in the seat, the basket loaded down, and a fussy baby on my hip, I had absolutely no problems steering the Scoot with one hand through the mall parking lot. In fact, it practically pushed itself! It is an urban stroller though, so despite having front locking wheels the same results cannot be expected on a rougher terrain than the playground mulch.


When your stroll is complete, the Scoot has a compact one handed fold, and even stands by itself. To fold, flip the seat up to expose the white folding mechanism. Slide the lever over while pushing the button down, rotate your wrist and voila! it’s folded and standing by your side so you don’t even have to lean over to pick it up.  The Scoot isn’t very lightweight at 26 pounds, but the fold makes it very easy to lift.


Even though the Scoot is approved for use from birth, adaptors are sold separately to turn your stroller into a travel system with Peg Perego or Maxi-Cosi infant seats.

The Scoot comes with a cup holder (yay for Mommy), a bug net (yay for baby), rain cover and is available in 8 different colors. It retails for $599



  1. Thanks for the review! I am always on the look out to find products that my clients would like. Do you know of a similar stroller that’s a little cheaper?