Tips for Safe Babywearing


1. When wearing a very young baby make sure they are worn high up enough that you can lower your head and easily kiss the top of her head.  Having baby higher up on your body keeps her chin off of her chest keeping her airway open.  You will be more in tune to her needs having her closer to your face.

2. Baby is most comfortable when her knees are at or above her bottom.  A fully supported bottom promotes proper spinal positioning and is more comfortable for the person wearing the baby.  Babies are born with a C curve in their spine and this positioning keeps their spine from being forced straight.

3. Inspect your carriers to make sure they are not showing signs of wear.  Make sure there are no tears or loose threads.  Check straps and their threading as well as seams to make sure nothing has unraveled.  Broken threads or very worn fabric could fail and cause baby to fall.

4. When you are first learning how to back carry practice, practice, practice!  Have a spotter or practice over a bed to help prevent falls until you are confident in your abilities.

5. When using a carrier with a waist belt never release that belt until you have put the child down.

6. Do not carry your baby on your back in a stretchy wrap.  The material can stretch too much resulting in a fall.  Stretchy wraps are only for front and hip carries.

7. Have head support for a sleeping baby.  Don’t just let her head dangle.

Being worn by a parent or caregivers chest is a wonderful way for baby to begin to explore her world while still being in an environment that feels safe.