The Zestful Zapp Xtra

Zapp Xtra

Quinny has made the Little Engine That Could of strollers and it is called the Zapp Xtra. Seriously, this compact stroller keeps up with its big brother in features, but is lightweight and folds to an amazingly small size.


Although the Zapp Xtra may be compact, you will get a lot of bang for your buck with it. It has a weight limit of 50 pounds, and fit all three of my kiddos ranging from 8 months to 4 years old (with room to grow)! Switching between them took two seconds with the easily adjustable three harness settings. The harness was a little big on the baby, but secure. The crotch buckle is a puzzle buckle, which might be tricky for squirmy kiddos, but was very easy to fasten, and perfect for a toddler who likes to unbuckle himself. Cleaning up spills in the Zapp Xtra is a breeze thanks to its water and dirt repellant fabric.



The Zapp Xtra features a reversible seat, which is unique to a compact stroller! Your kiddo can stroll forward facing in one of the three recline options, or rear facing in two recline options. The seat has a smooth one handed recline adjustor and lays completely flat in either direction accommodating an afternoon snooze on- the- go.



You can literally zap through the street; the Zapp Xtra takes so little effort to push! The four swivel wheels make it incredibly lightweight to maneuver, and although it is a little bumpy off road, the front wheels can be locked allowing for easier movement through a rougher terrain. When you are ready for a break, the flip flop friendly braking system has you covered! Simply press the red pedal to engage the brake, and when you’re ready to get moving again, press the grey pedal to disengage it.


Parents and kiddos alike will love the Canopy on the Zapp Xtra. It is large, and has a pop out sun shade for those especially sunny days, but what is really great about it is the peek- a- boo panel. The see through panel allows parents to see baby- and baby can see outside the canopy without leaving the shade. No more kiddos flipping the canopy up because they can’t see!


The basket on the Zapp Xtra provides a space for your beloved diaper bag, and a few small toys for baby. It is not the biggest around, but utilizes its space by being accessible from all sides… and that is huge when you have a sleeping baby!


The best feature of the Zapp Xtra is its compact fold. With a few easy steps it transforms into a super compact size. If that’s not enough, the front wheels easily pop off with the push of a button making it even smaller! This is the perfect stroller for traveling, small living spaces, or for those who just like having a little more room around!

Zapp Xtra

Newborns love the Zapp Xtra too! Turn it into a travel system with the included adaptors for Maxi-Cosi infant car seats, and introduce baby to the outside world!

The Zapp Xtra is available in six different colors, measures only 28” x 12” x 15” folded, and weighs 19 pounds. Several accessories are available for the Zapp Xtra Quinny’s website including a travel bag, weather shield, and cup holder.


  1. Hi. I realize this is an older post but quinny is phasing out the xtra and having a sale. Our 2 year old is breaking her neck in our current stroller because it is too reclined – even in the most upright position. Did you have this problem at all with this stroller? We are considering buying it given the deals in place.