Stokke Bounce ‘N’ Sleep Review

The Stokke Bounce ‘N’ Sleep is a bouncer and daybed combination.  The bouncer and daybed can be used separately or together to meet the changing needs of baby.


The bouncer seat is flat making it ideal for babies with reflux.  There is no dip in the seat to put pressure on baby’s sensitive tummy.



The bouncer features a 5-point harness to keep baby safely in place.  The bouncer can be carried by the carry handles with baby strapped in so you can easily move from one room to another without having to remove a content or sleeping baby.

There is a two step process to reclining for safety.  The top of the bouncer is lifted and then you pull the orange strap and gently lower the top of the bouncer in to the reclined position.



To sit the bouncer back up to the seated position, push the orange button to release and lift the top of the seat.



The modern design and neutral color of the daybed make it fit in almost any decor.



Our tester found the daybed to be quite comfortable.


The bouncer retails for $250 and the daybed is $200.

Thank you Stokke for providing the Bounce ‘N’ Sleep for this review.