Safety and Fashion Savvy: The Maxi Cosi Prezi


The Maxi Cosi Prezi is a plush rear facing child restraint for infants weighing between 4-30 pounds and 29 inches tall. Its sharp looks, and signature safety and convenience features are sure to please caregivers and allow babies to… just be a baby!


The manual is the first place you should go after purchasing a car seat. It contains everything you need to know about proper use and care for your child’s life saving device. The Prezi manual was easy to read and follow, and as a Child Passenger Safety Technician I liked how it contained a variety of safety information beyond the basic warnings. There is a convenient manual storage located in the base of the Prezi for future reference.



I installed the Prezi using a seat belt, LATCH, and even baseless, and found it to be quite easy to do! The base is a little long, but it also narrow allowing more room for neighboring passengers. As long as 80% of the base is touching the vehicle seat it is ok if it hangs off the front of the seat. As with any car seat, it is recommended to do a ‘test’ install in your vehicle before making a purchase to ensure a good fit, as a car seat is only safe if properly installed.


Proper recline was very easy to achieve despite my vehicle seats being tricky with certain car seats. Choose the recline appropriate for your baby’s weight and the little silver ball indicator will give you peace of mind without wondering “is that really level?” when using the base. The carrier locks in and removes from the base with ease.

Safety Features

The Prezi is not only fashionable, and easy to install, but has some really neat signature safety features. First would be the substantial rebound bar on the base. The bar minimizes the amount of rotation towards the vehicle seat back in a forward or rear end collision, and also protects baby’s head from contacting the seat back.


Next, the Prezi has Air Protect Technology, which cushions and protects baby’s head by reducing crash forces in a side impact collision by the controlled release of air. G-Cell HX is a patented rebounding foam around the baby’s torso that when combined with the Air Protect offers full body side impact protection.

Comfort and Convenience

Your baby will think they are riding on a fluffy cloud in the Prezi! With deep sides, extra legroom, and plenty of padding this seat is fit for a prince or princess. The cover was a little tricky to remove, but the handy manual guided me through the process step by step. The Prezi offers lots of legroom, and my 8 month old fit comfortably with tons of room to grow.

An infant insert pad is included for babies who weigh between 4-11 pounds. The Prezi is little heavy at 11 pounds, but is still comfortable to carry with its ergonomical handle. The European canopy will definitely get some looks with its sleek design! When not in use it tucks in completely out of sight in the seat’s rubber trim.

The easy out harness is a parent’s sanity saver! They stay lifted awaiting your baby’s arrival and eliminate digging around for harness straps once baby is seated. The easy out harness feature does keep the straps from laying flat on baby’s chest making it appear loose, but as long as you can’t pinch the harness webbing at the collarbone rest assured your little one is snug as a bug.



The 5-position, no re-thread, adjustable headrest makes it incredibly easy to keep baby’s harness at the proper position of at or below the shoulder level and there is even a spot on the front of the seat to attach the harness tightening strap, keeping it clean and out of the way… which is a little feature that means a lot if you have ever cleaned dirt off this strap before!

Customer Service

Customer service is often needed with baby gear to purchase extra accessories, ask questions about your product, or even simply request an additional manual like I did. Maxi Cosi’s customer service representative was extremely kind, helpful, and answered my questions cheerfully. My manual arrived only two days later!

The Maxi Cosi Prezi is available in 9 different colors and is compatible with a large variety of premium strollers.