Rockin’ Green Review

Rockin’ Green makes eco-friendly cleaning products.  I have been using their phosphate free laundry detergent for my son’s cloth diapers since before he was born.  As soon as we ran out of the baby detergent we were given as gifts we started using Rockin’ Green for the baby’s clothes.  I am now in the process of using up a giant bottle of name brand detergent so that we can use Rockin’ Green for all of our laundry.  In our front loading washer I only have to use one tablespoon of detergent per load meaning it costs just 13 cents per load for the detergent.  It’s eco-friendly and inexpensive.

  • Rockin’ Green currently offers six scents:
  • Smashing Watermelons
  • Rage against the Raspberries
  • Lavender Mint Revival
  • Mighty Mighty Marshmallow
  • Motley Clean
  • Earth, Wind, and Orchids

They also have an unscented option called Bare Naked Babies.  Their Soft Rock detergent which is for soft water only comes in Bare Naked Babies.  Their Hard Rock for hard water and Classic Rock for normal water come in all 6 as well as Bare Naked Babies.  The detergent is so clean rinsing that the scents are not present after washing.

Rockin’ Green also makes some cloth diapering specific products.  They make pail freshener in the same scents as their detergents.  They also make an ammonia busting Funk Rock for soaking and for adding to the wash cycle to rid your diapers of ammonia buildup and keep it from coming back.

The folks at Rockin’ Green have come up with a great way of demonstrating to their customers how well their detergents work called Rockin’ a Soak.  To Rock a Soak take clean laundry (towels work really well for this)or diapers and put them in a bathtub filled about half way with hot water and 4-6 Tbsp of Rockin’ Green.  Leave everything to soak for several hours or overnight.  Wring everything out and put it in the washing machine and wash without soap until you cannot see anymore bubbles.  You will be amazed at what the Rockin’ Green draws out of seemingly clean fabric and leaves behind in the water.  Most conventional detergents are not very clean rinsing so they leave residue behind.  That residue will build up over time.  Rockin’ a Soak will get that build up out leaving much cleaner clothes, towels or diapers behind.  I have some towels that need to be soaked so I will be Rockin’ a Soak and sharing my pictures here to show what a difference it makes.

We love Rockin’ Green and we want to share the love with our readers.  We have 15 samples of the detergent for 15 readers who follow @BVBabyPlanners on Twitter and Tweet about @RockinGreenSoap.  To enter, follow Bella Vie and Tweet about Rockin’ Green, then come and comment with a link to your Tweet.  Contest will close at 10pm CST  October 25, 2011.  We will pick winners using


  1. Rockin’ Green has been fantastic on my diapers! They also have an Athletic Wear formula that is amazing on everything from running clothes to jiu jitsu gis in my house. It’s so nice to have a detergent that I can just dump in with my clothes and count on them coming out completely clean and fresh and ready to go for the next round. Definitely a fantastic line of green cleaning products!