RideSafer 3: The Glove Box Car Seat


The RideSafer 3 is a wearable vehicle vest that properly positions the lap and shoulder belt for children 3 years up, and weighing between 30 and 80 pounds, eliminating the need for a booster or car seat. This is a really neat gizmo!


The RideSafer 3 works by securing the lap portion of the seat belt properly over the child’s thighs, and routing the shoulder portion of the belt properly across the body.


The proper fit of a vehicle’s seat belt on a child can be a matter of life and death. If the lap belt rides up across the soft belly of the child it can severely damage internal organs in a crash. Most children under 4’9 require a booster seat to properly fit in the vehicle seatbelt.


The RideSafer 3 is an easy, safe, and convenient solution to the cumbersome booster seat. It literally fit in my glovebox! Although it can’t be used on a plane, the RideSafer 3 is perfect for the child who doesn’t need a car seat on the plane, but requires one at their destination. Grandparents can easily, and safely transport on a whim, and we were thankful to have it when we wanted to carpool with friends, but didn’t have enough room for all of the kiddos car seats in our vehicle.


Now the biggest question is “how safe is it?” “It is SO small!” The RideSafer 3 is tested to, and passes Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213, the same standard all child restraints in the USA must pass. The sewn webbing provides structural support, and the laminated fabric panels reduce crash forces to the occupant. It is a safe, and legal alternative to belt positioning boosters in all States that do not require the child’s body to be elevated off the vehicle seat.


Parents will appreciate the longevity of the10-year expiration date, and what child doesn’t love looking like a space cadet as they ride safely in the RideSafer 3!