Maxi Cosi Pria Review

The Pria is Maxi Cosi‘s convertible car seat.  It is suitable for children between 4 and 40 pounds and up to 40 inches in the rear facing position and for children 22 to 70 pounds and between 34 and 70 pounds, at least one year old, and between 34 and 52 inches tall in the forward facing position.  The Pria comes in three cover fashions: Total Black, Intense Red, and Walnut Brown.


The included TinyFit™ System is what really sets the Pria apart from other convertible seats.  The TinyFit™ System creates a seat within a seat so that the Pria really can fit a tiny 4 pound baby.

UntitledThe doll in the above picture was made to represent the size of a 4 pound, 17 inch baby.  The lowest harness slots with the TinyFit™ System in place are 5 inches high.  In addition to the TinyFit™ System, the included head rest, harness pads, hip pads, and smaller chest clip help baby to fit properly in a seat that is designed to hold much bigger children.


When the TinyFit™ System is in place, the harness height has to be adjusted manually.  The TinyFit™ System gives the seat more internal recline to help keep baby properly positioned to reduce breathing problems.  The TinyFit™ System makes this seat ideal for families that choose not to use an infant seat.  The TinyFit™ System must be used when the child is between 4 and 18 pounds and is optional between 18 and 22 pounds as long as the top of the child’s head is below the top of the insert.  At 22 pounds, the TinyFit™ System must be removed but the child can and should continue to ride in the rear facing position.
My 2 year old rear facer who likes to ham it up for the camera liked the leg room.  He is vocal about his opinions and he did not complain once about the Pria.



The Pria is also great in the forward facing position.
WP_001241The top harness height is 18 inches which makes the Pria one of the taller convertible seats on the market.  The Pria will fit most children until they are ready to move to a belt positioning booster seat.

The features that we think make the Pria great include:

The TinyFit™ System

The included headrest, hip pad and smaller chest clip to fit tiny babies

No rethread harness when the TinyFit™ System is not in use

Premium LATCH connectors

Good fit and leg room for the older rear facer

Three recline positions to help the seat fit your vehicle properly

FlexTech™ system for multi-directional energy management

Air Protect® Technology

Special thanks to Maxi Cosi for providing the Pria for review.