Foonf Update

Today we visited with our friends at Clek.  First of all, the information that everyone has been waiting for: the Foonf will hopefully be shipping for some of its preorders by the end of the month.  The model that we have pictures of here will be the production model.

If you haven’t seen our Foonf mini review of the prototype you can find it here.

The big news of the ABC Expo has been that the Foonf will rear face to 50 pounds.  That will make it the seat with the highest rear facing weight limit in North America.



The colors of the covers have changed a bit but they are now GREENGUARD Certified.
In the above picture the Foonf is shown without the headrest to show where the top tether comes from on the front of the seat rather than the back.  It is threaded up and over the back of the seat.



This shows the routing of the top tether over the back of the seat and the tether storage.



The back of the seat does not appear to have changed all that much from the prototype to the production model.  Under the tether storage there is a small tool that is used to remove the headrest and releases the rigid LATCH if the release becomes stuck.



The prototype had harness covers but no belly pad.  The production models have a matching belly pad.


Clek is partnering with tokidoki for Foonf covers.  Clek is looking for feedback on patterns on their Facebook page so go and check the options out and vote on your favorites!