Combi Shuttle Review and Giveaway

The Combi Shuttle has replaced the Shuttle 33.  It is compatible with Combi Strollers as part of their Create a Travel System line.  It is available in four fashions, Hamilton, Graphite, Flagstone, and Cranberry.  The Shuttle can be used from birth, there is no lower weight limit given.

The features of the Shuttle include:

Tru-Safe® Anti-Rebound Bar

Tru-Safe® Side Impact Protection

EZ Harness™ Height Adjustment System

There are many infant seats on the market today that have weight limits of 30 lbs. or more.  Most of these seats will be outgrown by height long before the weight limit is reached.  The Shuttle accommodates infants and toddlers until they reach 33 inches with at least an inch of headrest over their head or 35 lbs.  My 2 1/2 year old is over the standing height limit but has just an inch of headrest over his head and he is under the weight limit.  This seat will last a long time, even for a tall baby.

The Shuttle also includes some convenience features that make the seat very user friendly.

There is a shoulder belt lockoff on the base for easier installation in vehicles that do not have locking seat belts.



The base has a recline foot with four recline positions to aid in installation at a proper angle.











The base also has a bubble level to assist with installing the seat at the proper angle for the age and size of the baby or toddler occupant.




The seat belt guides for installation of the seat without the base are covered by part of the cover.  This can help prevent the guides from catching on anything.


Untitled       Untitled


There is a compartment in the base to keep the LATCH strap securely stowed when not in use.



There is also another storage compartment within the base.




As you can see in the above picture, the base features easy to read instructions for installation complete with pictures.  These are no substitute for reading the instruction manual but they are helpful reminders.  The manual is easy to read with helpful and informative illustrations.

The Shuttle has a puzzle buckle, both tongues have to be put together before they can be inserted in to the buckle.  Some models have a removable infant insert.  The canopy provides good coverage and the handle curved to make it more ergonomic.

The Combi Shuttle is a perfect infant seat for parents that want to have the convenience of an infant car seat without having to worry about the seat being outgrown quickly.  It has many features that make it extremely user friendly.

Special thanks to Combi for providing the Shuttle for review and giveaway.


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  1. Safety is most important, but straps that are easily adjustable are great to have

  2. I have Several expecting friends that would love this!

  3. I didn’t know anything about car seats when I bought my daughter’s infant seat. My seat did not have a front harness adjuster and the base had to have 4 pool noodles taped together under it for it to have a correct angle. This seat looks so much more user friendly than the nightmare of a seat I had the first time around!

  4. Miranda Welle says

    I like the “no re-thread harnesses!”

  5. Lori Homerstad says

    I love the added height you get with this seat!

  6. side impact protection wings

  7. Jessica Parks Wiese says

    I love a no re-thread harness, lock offs, front adjuster, and side impact head wings. Oh, and a high rear facing weight limit.

  8. Michael Welle says

    The latch system. Makes installing easy.

  9. I prefer seats that have a non rethread harness. It makes it so much easier to adjust.

  10. Sonya Morris says

    I look for side impact protection.

  11. I love that it has an anti-rebound bar and has the tallest shells of infant carriers…

  12. Amanda VanNederynen Howard says

    Front adjust harness and ease of use

  13. Anti rebound protection is what I look for in a car seat

  14. I love the higher height limits. Would last my tall kids a lot longer.

  15. I love the height requirements as well as the easy to use harness.

  16. I’m a big fan of rebound control!

  17. I love the shoulder strap lock off, in addition to the 35lb weight limit!

  18. kristina cofffet says

    I love a seat that lasts a long time before my littlee one out grows it.

  19. safety is #1.
    I love the side impact protection.

  20. I like anti-rebound and tall shells that accommodate long torsoed kids.

  21. David Holder says

    I like an infant car seat with the infant rebound bar.

  22. I love the infant rebound bar and the side impact protection! And I love COMBI!!

  23. Overall safety if of course of utmost importance, but I especially love all the features that help make sure that the seat is safely and properly installed. I love to see that in a seat!

  24. I really like when the straps are easy to tighten and loosen so I can easily get my baby in and snug

  25. The bubble level looks great, plus that it can be used from birth.

  26. its all about safety for me!

  27. Safety first, then ease of use!

  28. I like to see those features that make the seat really easy to use which then makes it safer because it is being used properly!

  29. easy to tighten straps

  30. safety and ease of use

  31. Janice Achmann says

    An easy install. That means more seats will be installed correctly.

  32. The bubble level is sooo nice! I have had it on one and it was easy to get at the right angle.

  33. I look for safety and easy to use buckles.

  34. Would love to win this seat! Love combi!

  35. Straps that are easy to adjust.

  36. Carrie Edwards says

    Side impact and rear facing tether.

  37. I love seeing the combination of no rethread harness and anti rebound bar. Both make me happy!