CityGrips Review

We would like to introduce you to your stroller’s new BFF:
  No more sweaty, stinky, germy handle bars for you.  We spend our time and money cleaning and disinfecting everything we touch but most never consider the handle bars on our strollers. I could only imagine what yucky things would be found if some scientist in a white coat showed up with a q-tip and petri dish to swab around my handle bars, but not anymore, not since I started using CityGrips.  These sleek designed stroller handlebar covers  easily zip on and off and are machine washable to keep sweat and germs from taking refuge on your strollers’ handlebars.

CityGrips on the Phil & Teds Explorer

  If that isnt impressive enough to make you jump out and grab these the first chance you get, then how about the fact that they virtually eliminate the wear and tear on your handlebars.  When you consider what we invest in our strollers and the wear and tear that they are subjected to, CityGrips shine as the perfect solution.  They come in two materials, in solid colors as well as several eye-catching prints to either blend in with your stroller or make it stand out for easy identification in stroller parking.  CityGrips are available to fit stroller models that have two handle bars as well as the single handle bar strollers that are pictured.



CityGrips were invented by Camie Gontier, a mom that was concerned about how dirty the handles of her son’s stroller were getting with heavy daily use.  She realized her son was being exposed to the sweat, dirt, and germs that were collecting on those handles and the idea for CityGrips was born.  Visit CityGrips to see the pattern, color and fabric choices.


We are giving away a set of CityGrips to three of our lucky readers.  Enter below for a chance to win the CityGrips of your choice.


  1. Thank you so much Robin for the wonderful post. I appreciate it so very much.

  2. These look awesome!